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Rendezvous of Dazzling Experiences

Empyreal Club contends to raise the level of events in Jaipur by ornating your modern lifestyle with beautiful memories and curated experiences of Luxury Lifestyle Entertainment. Empyreal Experiences bring with it every time, innovative and unique ideas for our members and their families. All the luxury with a flair you will carry forward into your lives. We aim to create a new class of elite parties and nightlife in Jaipur, by inviting acclaimed artists, organizing celebrity events.

Our events like Bubbles and Bow Tie was a White event, with a lot of splendour in the air.Sufi Night marked a new level of Sufism to the Empyreal Experience events. Prom Night, a remarkable event, which received much applause for its innovation and consistency depicting the 80’s Theme. Our latest event was Family Treasure Hunt , which was another favorite of our members, much appreciated for family involvement hunting the Treasure within the city. Our upcoming events will be even more enthralling than the past events. Discover the new class of Luxury and Modern day living, leave behind your entertainment centers, and join the big league. Stay tuned for more information.

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