Welcome to Empyreal Club

India’s Biggest Luxury Lifestyle Family Club

Embellishing the heritage town of Jaipur, Empyreal Club sits right across the airport. Surrounding our members with an entourage of premium privileges, Empyreal Club is a membership-based community. With over 60 in-house amenities in construction, we take pride in our ever-growing fellowship of over 1000 member families while still in construction.

Our Members celebrate exclusive privileges all around the world as a merit of our association. The membership opens doors to over 250 of the most illustrious private clubs and 60 golf courses worldwide. With over 70 city-wide brands under the Empyreal wing, our members redeem exclusive privileges from prestigious boutiques.

The Empyreal communities come together to mingle amongst elaborate themes, revolutionary ideas, and professional networking at our array of experiences. Our most distinguishing factor is the colossal scale and the close attention to detail. These traits are found in everything we do from events, amenities, experiences, and even architecture.


Establishing A Growing Community Of Like-Minded Members

Starting from a small circle of innovative thinkers and business leaders, Empyreal Club is now a worldwide community of 1000 Impactful families that have embarked to make a positive impact on the world. Empyreal Club creates a polished atmosphere of indespensable comfort and culture for it's members, creating an oasis of luxury they deserve. Our members come from various walks of life, with vaired interests, and diversified inclinations, which are all met at Empyreal Club.