Family Plan

Membership - 50 years

(Includes Primary Applicant, Spouse and 2 Unmarried Son/Daughter
till the Age of 30 Years)

Joint Family Plan

Membership - 50 years

(For Two or More Primary Applicants in Direct Blood Relationship)

Senior Citizen Plan

Membership - 20 years

(Includes a Primary Applicant who is of 60 years or more and his/her Spouse)

Corporate Plan

Membership - 50 years

(Corporate Membership shall include two or more Directors / Partners / Senior Management Personnel) - Per Applicant (Minimum 2 members)

Note :
  1. Joint Family Plan will be applicable for two or more Applicants who are in Direct Blood Relationship along with their respective family comprised of spouse and 2 unmarried son/daughter upto the Age of 30 Years.
  2. Refundable security deposit is non interest bearing.
  3. Membership shall be in accordance with Application Form / Club Rules & Regulations.
  4. The Club Management reserves the right to modify/change/amend the above plans at its sole discretion.
  5. Membership Tenure shall start from the date of starting operations of the Club.
  6. Membership Transfer Option: Primary Member can transfer its membership as per terms & conditions only one time within Direct Blood Relationship.
  7. Senior Citizen & Parents Membership is non-transferable. Age of senior citizen member on the date of opening of club will be considered.
  8. Corporate Membership shall include two or more Directors / Partners / Senior Management Personnel.Each Nominee Member’s Membership shall include:
    • Nominee Member
    • Spouse
    • Two Children below 30 Years of their age
    • GST extra, as applicable.
    • # T&C Apply