Veganism in Vogue: A Lighter Experience

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We were all blissfully aware of two major dietary preferences until a decade ago – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The last few years saw the rise of many more alternatives: Paleo, non-dairy, Keto and, yes, Veganism. India with its high vegetarian population finds it easier to embrace this trend. But veganism takes it all one step further, by completely eliminating animal produce from one’s life.

It comes to many as a sudden transformation, especially when there is so much out there online and offline about the V trend. Yet, it doesn’t really have to be a sudden and overwhelming transformation. Rather, it just needs to be a gradual reckoning, taking stock of one’s own needs, true sentiments and comfort levels. As the awareness builds, habits and practices can change. To what extent they do, differ from person to person. So, tread light and find the way.

Can it be called the lightness of being?

Veganism implies the absence of meat, fish, milk, honey, and eggs from your dining table. It also means wrapping away the silks, woolens and leather in your closet. Are your eyebrows raised? Consider this and lower them: Vegans believe that theirs is a more sustainable, compassionate and lighter way of life. In being animal-free, they reduce the burden of their existence on the planet and on all fellow beings. Their life choices are life goals – they impact larger global issues like climate change, health and economies. All such heavyweight issues challenging the Earth get lighter by plant-based eating, drinking, and living.

All veganism promotes, is a fair-play of coexistence. It means taking a step back to zoom out and consider all factors that make the ecosystem. In the largeness of this system, the interconnectedness is intricate and delicate. Excessive exploitation of the animal world for human consumption has led to compassionate minds thinking from the other perspective.

Vegan visions at Empyreal Club

Empyreal Club is envisioned to be at par with global trends and its inclusion of Vegan dietary preferences is an extension of that. While Jain dining options abound in every menu, we have taken this further to include Vegan options. Wondering how? Read on…

Saying Cheese: With a steady rise in Vegan cheese makers, our Indian and global restaurants offer a variety of fromage formations to suit the vegan sensibilities. Our kitchen offer Vegan versions of gourmet cheeses like Gouda, Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella. Our Vegan patrons will be completely at home ordering a tempting four-cheese pizza.

Mockmeat Meetings: If you’re entertaining your international clients soon, wow them with some of the finest mockmeats available at our Empyreal Club eateries. A mockmeat is typically a plant-based substitute for meat preparations. A simple soya keema or a jackfruit kebab platter is all it takes to create an impressive mockmeat dish. Allow us to extend your circle and its camaraderie by presenting a wide variety to sit together for a constructive ending.

Milky Ways: When it’s coffee and conversations, your next cup could be a vegan one at Empyreal Club. Stay dairy-free and ride the vegan trend with us as we offer a variety of beverages that use only vegan milks. As cashew, almond or oatmeal based, they’re lip-smacking and wholesome too.

Eco-Sensitivity: In creating the #empyrealexperience, our endeavour is to be sensitive to the natural elements. Light, water, air and earth are all carefully considered. Thoughtfully planned buildings, premises and zones within Empyreal Club ensure a conservation of natural energy and resources, to keep the name in tandem with its larger-than-life vision. Our team is created to understand and implement these synergies at every step.

Talk Shop: Each #empyrealexperience implies creating unique events and pop-ups for our members. Look out for vegan fests, informative talks and discussions, and interactions that can help you learn more about the veganism trend and transition to it easily.

Veganism is seen as a fad by some. But at Empyreal Club, it’s a lifestyle that is here to stay. With prominent personalities like cricketer Virat Kohli, actor Shraddha Kapoor and a number of other athletes vouching for veganism, it sure seems like the way of the future. Mumbai, for instance, recently hosted Ahimsa Fest, which saw over 10,000 people coming together for a compassionate lifestyle. A lighter life, after all, is a loved life.

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